Greenport Village Planning Board delays vote on Jet Ski proposal

The Greenport Village Planning Board postponed a vote last Thursday on a proposal to run Jet Ski tours from Preston’s dock. Despite the postponement, the board was still threatened with a lawsuit by the applicant’s father.

Evan Hoffman of East Hampton is planning a business called Seabreeze Jet Skis, which he had hoped to launch in September and run through October. The business would then resume in April.

The proposal calls for him to ride one Jet Ski and lead two other people on rented Jet Skis on a tour in the waters around Shelter and Gardiners islands.

Planning Board member Bradley Burns said he’s talked to many boaters who use the waterfront. “I haven’t found anyone who would vote yes on this,” he said, citing safety and how busy those waters are.

“Nothing against Jet Skis, but I think you could find a better spot,” Planning Board member John Cutugno said.

The board has been operating one member short, as chairman Devon McMahon hasn’t attended the last few meetings — meaning two “no” votes could sink the proposal.

Mr. Hoffman claimed it was discrimination, because a Jet Ski business had operated in the same location in the past with village approval, as did a flyboarding company, which also uses a Jet Ski.

Mr. Hoffman’s father, who identified himself only as “Mr. Hoffman,” also threatened a possible discrimination lawsuit, even though no vote has been taken yet.

“We’ve been in a difficult economy the last eight years under the Obama administration; it’s about time you start spurring business on,” he said.

The board put off voting on the proposal until it gets more information about what uses are permitted at the docks by Preston’s.

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