Mindfulness workshop scheduled for Nov. 2 in Mattituck

The community is invited to attend a workshop on mindfulness practices held in the Mattituck High School Library on Thursday, Nov. 2.

This presentation, titled “Building resilience with practical life skills for parents, guardians and families,” teaches attendees the importance of listening mindfully, handling difficult emotions, resolving conflict effectively and balancing life’s demands and challenges.

It is designed to help parents and guardians experience less stress and anxiety and teach them how to create the space for reflection before taking action.

Given by Linda Lantieri, the author of “Building Emotional Intelligence: Practices to Strengthen Inner Resilience in Children,” is part of the district’s focus on social emotional learning. Ms. Lantieri gave a professional development workshop for Mattituck-Cutchogue staff in August.

The free workshop, which is sponsored by the MUFSD PTA and PTSA, will run from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Anyone with questions can email Cathy Gilliard at [email protected].