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Neighbors of Love Lane office proposal voice traffic safety concerns

Some Love Lane residents who live near a house where office space and an apartment are proposed say they are concerned about traffic safety.

The Southold Town Planning Board held a public hearing Monday to discuss Janine Racanelli’s plan to convert a five-bedroom home at 870 Love Lane into a 1,430-square-foot professional office with an 830-square-foot one-bedroom apartment on the second floor. The zoning for the .75 acre property is Residential Office.

Margaret Ashton, who lives directly across from this property, said she believes the proposed driveway is too close to the Route 48 intersection.

“Route 48 and Love Lane has turned into a mess,” she said. “Putting the driveway right across from my house would put it very close to the intersection.”

Two other residents also expressed safety concerns for the busy intersection.

As for parking, the proposal includes nine spaces for the office and two for the apartment.

Don Feiler, the architect representing Ms. Racanelli, said a pre-existing private entrance at the rear of the building will act as the apartment’s entrance.

“There will be no changes to the exterior, except for enclosing an 8-by-12 porch and a new gravel driveway on the exterior,” Mr. Feiler said.

The Planning Board closed the hearing Monday to review public comments before voting on the site plan application.

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File photo credit: Rachel Siford