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Concerns raised over proposed beverage distributor in Laurel

Two residents spoke at a Southold Town Planning Board public hearing Monday on Northside Beverage’s proposed conversion of an existing two-story 5,100 square-foot building on Old Main Road in Laurel into a wholesale/retail beverage distributor. 

The residents who spoke out feared for safety concerns in the area.

“[That intersection] is such a hazard, it is really a death trap,” said Marian Gamble, a Bray Avenue resident. “When we heard about the beverage place going there, it’s kind of scary because then you’re going to have big trucks bringing in products all the time.”

She expressed concern for increased accidents in the area and suggested a traffic light.

Barbara Smith, also of Bray Avenue, said the area is too dangerous for increased traffic due to the gas station in the area.

“It’s a 30 mph zone, and you can’t get anyone to go 30 miles an hour,” Ms. Smith said.

Richard Searles, an attorney representing Northside Beverage, said the intersection is difficult, but he does not believe the traffic from deliveries will be overwhelming and that he would be happy to work with the town on a resolution.

The building sits on 1.1 acres and is in the General Business Zoning District.

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