Election 2017

Election 2017: Southold Town Highway Superintendent

Highway Superintendent
Four-year term; one open seat
Salary: $106,506

Vincent Orlando

Occupation: Superintendent of Highways

Hamlet: Southold

Party lines: Republican, Conservative, Independence

About him: Mr. Orlando, 56, has been highway superintendent since 2014 and has been responsible for the daily oversight and duties of 35 employees.

His pitch: Mr. Orlando said that to him, the superintendent of highways is the most rewarding public servant position to have in a small town like Southold. He is motivated by the instant gratification the position provides. “Seeing results by solving a drainage issue when installing a drain today, and tomorrow it rains and the system installed works perfectly — that’s satisfaction,” he said. The feeling is the same when a winter storm is about to hit and citizens wake up to a plowed and sanded road for them to safely travel to work, school or home, he said.

In his words: “When you leave for the day then return and see your road has been resurfaced, it’s highway working hard for you.”

Gene Wesnofske

Occupation: Farmer

Hamlet: Cutchogue

Party lines: Democratic

About him: Mr. Wesnofske, 70, has been a vegetable farmer in Peconic for the last 50 years. He lives in Cutchogue with his wife of 38 years, Cheryl, and has five children and six grandchildren. He runs two farm stands and sells produce at 10 different farmers markets.

His pitch: Mr. Wesnofske has farmed in Southold Town for 50 years and his name is well-known throughout the town, he said. He said he is an honest, hardworking person who has worked long hours on his farm to succeed and that he will do the same for the people of Southold Town as their highway superintendent. He described himself as a person who gets along with people. He has employed a large number of people on his farm, so he knows how to manage employees. He said he has kept his farm going on a tight budget and will do the same with the highway department’s budget.

In his words: “I am a dedicated person and will get the job done right. I have a motto: Actions speak louder than words.”