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Work We Do: Macie Grathwohl, Scoops and Grinds

Hi, I’m Macie Grathwohl. I work at Scoops and Grinds as a barista.

On a normal day, I come in early and start. Customers who come in the morning usually do coffee. We do lattes and cappuccinos and I honestly love doing coffee. I find it fun. You can personalize your coffee. There’s many different flavors and things you can switch up.

My favorite thing to make is probably a flavored latte.

My first time doing it I was so nervous because it looked so hard.

You start out, you make the espresso shot, put it in the machine, you put the flavoring in, let’s say it’s caramel or chocolate.

And you steam the milk and you pour it into the espresso shot. It’s so much easier than I thought it would be.

As the day goes on, it starts to switch to acai bowls and the day keeps going and then it’s ice cream. That’s fun because a lot of little kids come in. They get the weirdest toppings. There’s a lot of variety and it doesn’t get boring at all.

The people who come in, they’re just good people and always have something nice to say about this place.

I started working here in March and we opened March 7. So I was here before we started. I helped set up everything in here. It kind of gave me a connection to this place, being here since before it opened.

My favorite part is talking to people because I do meet a lot of people and they give me advice because I’m a senior in high school. They give me advice on college and what to do with my life and I’ve applied to colleges that people have told me about.

Everything about this job is just so personalized and cute.

I love my boss, I love the people I work with. I enjoy coming into work every day and I feel like a lot of people at any age can’t say that.

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