Work We Do: Marcy Carranza, Wendy’s Deli

Hi, my name is Marcela Carranza but everyone knows me here as Marcy from Wendy’s Deli, and I do breakfast every day.

A normal day here is I come in, and we make fresh coffee every day; we start with that. And then we move on to stocking up everything. 

We make sure we have enough stuff for the eggs, like bacon, sausages, stocked up.

It’s so fast, it gets busy. We just have to be ready. Then we start helping customers as they come in. We greet them and try to make them feel at home. Because we’re the first thing they see in the morning, the first people they see before they go to work and we just try to cheer them up and make them a nice sandwich to start out their day right.

It’s nonstop, nonstop. Once we look at the clock at 6 o’clock in the morning, as soon as we get here, when we look it’s almost like breakfast time’s over. And it’s just crazy, nonstop. Sometimes I yell. I’ve been known for yelling when it’s busy for something I need. It’s crazy here all the time. Even now it’s winter but it’s still busy.

I love to make breakfast sandwiches, but my favorite thing to make is burritos. You can make anything and be creative. Sometimes we just make stuff to try it and it turns out so good so we put it on the menu and everybody loves it.

My favorite part of working here is getting to talk to all the customers, getting to make them a nice egg sandwich in the morning. I like to cheer them up. We always tell jokes. We get to know the customers, not just as a customer but it’s like a personal level. We’re always in here like “Hi, how are your kids, how’s everybody doing?” It’s more personal than just someone coming into a store to get a sandwich.

We’re like a family.

“The Work We Do” is a Suffolk Times multimedia project profiling workers on the North Fork. It is made possible by Peconic Landing. See more photos on Instagram @thesuffolktimes.