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Greenport kids participate in national event to ensure ‘No One Eats Alone’

Greenport students filled the long tables in the cafeteria Friday, joining together with classmates to answer trivia questions and bounce balloons throughout the room.

The festivities were part of No One Eats Alone Day, a national program created by Beyond Differences designed to encourage students to make new friends and include those who may be left out.

First-year Greenport special education teacher Karrieann Damon said she participated in the national program at her previous school and after seeing success decided to introduce the event at Greenport.

“I do lunch duty here and saw many students sit in remote areas or not conversing with each other. It’s a very open and loving community here, but people can still get lost,” Ms. Damon said. “We want to make sure no one slips through the cracks.”

Karrieann Damon lets a student pick a prize out after winning a trivia game during lunchtime on No One Eats Alone Day Friday. Credit: Nicole Smith

During the fun-filled lunch time, students joined in teams to participate in numerous rounds of trivia about the school. The cafeteria was also decorated with balloons and student-made decorations, such as a paper tree filled with apples that students signed pledging to respect one another.

In addition to No One Eats Alone Day, the school is participating in Respect for All week next month, Ms. Damon said.

“It’s important to not only teach academics, but also social and emotional support,” she said. “Happy kids make a happy school.”

Photo credit: Students enjoyed lunch and games together on Friday. (Credit: Nicole Smith) 

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