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Featured Letter: Finding hope on the newspaper pages

To the editor:

I am heartened by more than one article in the Feb. 22 Suffolk Times. I appreciated the words of Steve Choi, the executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition, who responded to Lee Zeldin’s bill, identifying it as “shameless political posturing.” Such a bill would cause many respectable immigrants to be apprehended for no reason at all, and cause citizens to be unnecessarily alarmed. 

Further along, I read an equally welcome piece, identifying a network that supports immigrants’ rights.

Any and all of the immigrants I have come to know are hardworking, family oriented, and willing to help their neighbors. This network offers practical, honest and legitimate ways that bring community awareness, outreach, safety and justice for the North Fork immigrants who have contributed so much to our towns.

The third thing that captured my heart was the brilliant letter from Nick Vicinanza, a local high school sophomore. The fact that our young people are pursuing gun control, that they are willing to protest clearly enough to awaken our Congress, government, and the NRA, and that they recognize truth when they see it, gives hope that we may become the country we once were — honest, truthful and proud of the intelligence of our young children.

The author lives in Greenport.