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Featured Letter: Save the goose

To the editor:

With Southold Town in mind — solutions for tourist traffic control. 

Tourism is here to stay — it’s “the goose that’s laid the golden egg.” So, what to do or don’t do? Take care of that goose!

Number one: Don’t widen our roads! And think twice about more traffic lights. Look at central Riverhead; county Route 58 is a good example. Riverhead is a traffic manager’s nightmare and downtown is a mess.

Study and learn from Riverhead!

Number two: In Mattituck, a well-planned and -designed comprehensive traffic flow plan surrounding the immediate area of Love Lane and Route 25 (including pedestrian crossings, adequate parking, one-way Love Lane; traffic circle intersection of Route 25 and Love Lane; and a signal light at Route 25 and Wickham Avenue) will serve.

If this plan works, use it in other locations in town as needed. Also remember, public safety is a top priority.

The author lives in Mattituck