Puppy yoga raises money for North Fork Animal Welfare League

Yogis were covered in puppy kisses while striking downward-facing dog and other yoga poses during a class at JABS Cutchogue Monday night to raise money for North Fork Animal Welfare League. 

After seeing animal yoga at other fitness centers around the country, including goat yoga, JABS owner Jill Schroeder thought it would be a great idea to bring it to her studio in Cutchogue.

“We thought it was a unique idea to bring awareness to North Fork Animal Welfare League and fuse what we do and what they do in a fun way,” Ms. Schroeder said.

Only 25 slots were available and they sold out in just two days. Over $800 was raised.

“It’s a wonderful way to raise some funds in order to be able to save more puppies and more animals,” said Denise LeBeau, manager of development at NFAWL. “We’re so thankful for the community for coming out.”

“Since the puppies were already adopted — they went fast — we’re just doing this for fundraising, awareness and fun,” Ms. Schroeder said.

Three puppies were free to roam the studio during the 45-minute yoga class and interact with the participants. The class was a bit louder than usual as the puppies made some noise playing with each other.

“Anything that engages the community on a more spiritual level that the shelter can facilitate, we’re all about,” Ms. LeBeau said. “We feel like these puppies were really ready to be in this type of environment because we’ve had so many great volunteers and visitors come and play with them and really socialize them.”

JABS may also host a kitten yoga event this spring, although no details are available yet.

“They just bring a different energy to the room,” Ms. Schroeder added. “I look forward to having other events like this, and it’s just a great way to spend an hour in a positive way with super cute puppies. You can’t go wrong.”

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