Work We Do: Sandra Lazar, Haircutters of Love Lane

Hi, I’m Sandra Lazar. I’m the co-owner of Haircutters of Love Lane.

I’ve worked here for 17 years and April 20 will be three years that we’ve owned it. Frank Damico is my partner.

We always have at least two to three people here working every day.

We do men, women, children. We do everybody. We do colors, we do highlights, we do beard trims, we do shaves.

It goes by seasons, holidays and what’s busy.

On any given day I can sit here and do 20 people and just have a nice simple day and it’s great.

And then there’s days where its non-stop.

Today happens to be the military ball, so yesterday was a busy day. Crazy with the kids, the young men, coming in to look handsome in their outfits. I find it rewarding.

Christmas we can open up the door at 8 o’clock in the morning and have 20 people outside.

Picture day of school — holy cow, hold on to your hat in the morning!

And then we can have our downtimes where we sit down and chill and think about what we’re gonna do for next year.

We’re a family business. We’re good for the community. We’re everybody, and we’re affordable. We’re not a fancy shop. We can do anywhere from having a woman walk in at 12 o’clock in the afternoon and running to get her hair colored for a job interview to a guy coming in and getting a shave, both at the same time. Because we have the people here. We are that way; we can do that. We have a barber, a stylist and a haircutter — the in between. It seems to work.

[I enjoy] the personalities and chatting with people. Being a part of their lives. When parents come in with their kids, one day they’re in kindergarten and tomorrow they’re graduating high school.

We have a great block, too. I mean, this is Love Lane. There’s always love on Love Lane.

Something that I love? Opening that door and saying this is my shop. That’s probably the best feeling ever.

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