Latin Fuzion proposed at former jewelry shop

The former home of Robert’s Jewelers has been proposed for conversion to a 16-seat restaurant, according to an application before the Southold Town Planning Board.

Latin Fuzion plans to take over the now-vacant retail space at Feather Hill Commons in Southold, converting its 1,113 square feet into a restaurant and installing a new sanitary system.

No expansion of the existing proposed footprint has been proposed.

Technically, this application represents an amendment to the site plan approved by the Planning Board in 1984 for all eight buildings in the complex, according to Brian Cummings of the planning department staff.

The original site plan listed all uses as “shops,” meaning retail. The commons has 141 parking stalls including eight ADA-compliant stalls. The code requires one space of parking per 100 square feet of floor area. The applicant’s space has 16 designated spaces, though only 12 are mandatory, according to the town code.

Planning department staff recommended that the board find Latin Fuzion’s application incomplete pending correction of minor application errors, such highlighting the specific storefront involved and changing the title.

Robert Scott opened his jewelry store at Feather Hill in 1985 before deciding to retire and close in early 2017.

Photo caption: Latin Fuzion, a 16-seat restaurant, is proposed for the former Robert’s Jewelers location in Southold, according to an application to the Southold Planning Board. (Credit: Rachel Siford)

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