Bright green spotted in Orient waters Monday as testing conducted

A bright lime-green flow could be seen in Oysterponds Creek and Narrow River in Orient Monday morning as the Southold Town shellfish advisory committee conducted dye testing.

The non-toxic dye was used to track where and how quickly the water flows in different tide cycles to help pinpoint where potential contaminants originate and spread, according to to John Bredemeyer, the town Trustees’ liaison to the committee.

The committee enlisted the help of drone photographers to get aerial shots of the dye as it traveled through the waterways. The images with be stitched together to create an orthomosaic map and overall view of how the water flows.

Read more about the testing here.

Photo caption: The dye was visible Monday morning in Narrow River. (Credit: Kelly Zegers)

A drone photographs the water below. (Credit: Kelly Zegers)