A different twist to cleaning homes; New company uses all organic supplies

A Sag Harbor native who has been cleaning houses for the past 15 years has decided to bring her talents to the North Fork.

Kate Mullane moved to Cutchogue last year, and has launched her business, All Organic Cleaning and More. She says her business is different than other cleaning companies because she uses an all-organic cleaning product.

After discovering she had Lyme disease about 13 years ago, she switched to a more wholesome lifestyle, including clean eating, detoxing and now her organic cleaning company.

“Physical activity is the best thing for me, because I was in bed for a year and a half, about four years ago,” Ms. Mullane, 46, said.

Due to neurological issues from Lyme disease, she finds it difficult to work in an office and prefers to do labor to keep her moving, which is why she gravitated toward cleaning.

“I really love the fact that there are so many farms here, and it’s just a really nice, bucolic kind of lifestyle,” Ms. Mullane said. “I really enjoy being in such a beautiful place, and it’s a lot less hectic than the South Fork.”

The cleaning product she uses, called Thieves, is from Young Living. It is made from plant-based essential oils, including lemon, clove, orange, and rosemary.

“It’s a completely amazing cleaner, but it’s all natural and nontoxic,” Ms. Mullane said. “You can clean an oven or clean a window with it.”

“Funny enough, I always had cleaning ladies, and they used a lot of products with a lot of toxins in them,” she added. “I’ve always had dogs, and whatever they’re putting on the floor that is toxic can lead to a lot of dogs getting cancer. Finding a product that was nontoxic, and wouldn’t harm an infant or a child or pet, really was the basis of the company.”

She had two dogs that developed cancer, and she thinks it is because of the toxic chemicals that she had her floors cleaned with over the years.

Ms. Mullane launched the all-organic cleaning product in October, and people can expect a launch party celebrating her opening this fall.

“I want them to know that we cater to each home how they would like their home to be,” she said.

She performs consultations for new clients and added that the “and more” section of her business includes property management over the winter or party cleaning.

“We want to be a concierge for them, starting with cleaning their house and then anything else they need,” Ms. Mullane said.

After being bedridden from Lyme disease, she tries her best to live a clean, healthy lifestyle and avoid toxins whenever possible.

“Babies are on the floor and they’re touching their mouths, so I think this is really the way of the future, to clean with something that isn’t harmful,” Ms. Mullane said.

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Photo caption: Kate Mullane of Cutchogue recently launched All Organic Cleaning and More on the North Fork. She uses only nontoxic cleaning supplies. (Rachel Siford photo) 

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