Martha Clara’s cattle head upstate

As you drive along Sound Avenue, you might notice something missing.

The cattle that once grazed in front of Martha Clara Vineyards no longer live at the Riverhead winery. They were relocated about a month ago to a farm upstate, officials from the vineyard said.

The representative said she couldn’t give a reason for the animals’ departure and was unsure about any future plans for bringing in more animals to the farm.

The vineyard, which is part of Big E Farm, has only a few horses left, officials said.

Big E Farm was the home of the late Robert Entenmann, a former executive at Entenmann’s Bakery who died in September 2016.

The property was recently sold for $15 million to a family group headed by Mexican businessman José Antonio Rivero Larrea.

Mr. Rivero Larrea is the founder of Rivero Gonzalez, a family-owned winery and vineyard he launched 20 years ago in Parras de la Fuente, Coahuila.

The Corcoran Group, which handled the sale, billed it as the highest priced “residential” sale on the North Fork in a decade. The property, which had been on the market since 2014, was originally listed at $25 million. It had been in contract for sale since last December.

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Photo caption: Scottish Highland cattle at Martha Clara Vineyards. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)