The Work We Do: Stephan Roussan, ICVM Group

I’m Stephan Roussan. I’m the president of ICVM Group.

We founded ICVM Group in 1996 so we’re in our 23rd year in business. I founded my business out of my home in New Suffolk originally, but have had office space in Mattituck since 1999.

We are a digital marketing, website design and branding firm.

An average day consists of a really wide range of things depending on where we are at different stages of different projects. If we’re at the beginning of a project we might be talking to a client about what they want to have on their website, what it might look like, what type of functionality and features it should have.

If it’s a site that’s already up and live we might be talking about developing content or doing some ongoing digital marketing, Whether it’s an ad campaign or blogging or various types of post-launch activities to make sure that the client gets good visibility and gets a lot of attention. 

We design and build really special websites to make sure they make the right impression for their customers. 

Building a website has become a very multidisciplinary process.

Every website project is different in terms of how long it takes. In some cases we might turn around projects that are very time sensitive in as little as a day. And we have other projects that are very large engineering projects with very complex functionality that may take 12 to 18 months to produce.

We usually have about six to 10 active website projects going on at any given time in various stages. We have about 200 clients under present management, any one of which we might be doing ongoing work for in terms of website upgrades or ongoing SEO or digital marketing services.

My favorite part of the job, by far, is working with each client to figure out what their unique story is. It’s very rare that you have a client who is in a business where they’re the only person doing what it is that they do or they’re the only company doing what they do.

So figuring out why somebody should hire them specifically, or buy from them, is a really important part of what we do.

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