Let’s Look Back: Forty people arrested at power plant protest

August 17, 1978

More than three dozen people were arrested for for protesting at the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant. 

The strains of “This Land Is Your Land” rang out, punctuated by the calls: “No nukes … No nukes.”

Blankets were thrown over the barbed wire fence at the entrance to the Long Island Lighting Company’s nuclear plant under construction at Shoreham.

Aug. 17, 1993

County officials have signed an agreement to allow Southold Development Corporation to sell Robin’s Island. The agreement has allowed California-based Robis Corporation to buy the 435-acre island in Peconic Bay, upsetting preservationists.

North Fork Environmental Council spokeswoman Linda Levy condemned the inking of an agreement and threatened to sue the county if papers were indeed signed without a legislative vote authorizing the deal and/or completion of state environmental quality review act (SEQRA) procedure.

Aug. 23, 1968

Eastern Long Island Hospital announced an increase in room rates effective Aug. 15.

A letter was sent to each patient: “Eastern Long Island Hospital has maintained ‘Doors that never close’ in order that medical care of the highest caliber may be made available to all in need … It is estimated that 75 percent of hospital expenses are for payroll in hospitals across the country, so it is at ELIH. There have been three salary increases for the employees since the last room rate increase; therefore, it has been the decision of the Trustees that room rate increase is mandatory to meet additional costs.’ ”

Aug. 21, 1953

A yacht owner escaped injury as his vessel exploded and burned at Mitchell’s Pier.

A gas vapor explosion blew Colonel Chester Haberlin through the canvas awning on the dock. The 26-foot cabin cruiser Imshi, a steel yacht, was swept by flames following the explosion.

The fire department extinguished the blaze and the weekend cruiser was towed to Hanff’s Boat Yard.

Aug. 19, 1943

The season’s outstanding baseball game will be held  between Tommy Jernick’s town team and the G.B. & C. Co. team at the Polo Grounds in Greenport Aug. 29.

This game promises to draw many old time fans as the players comprising the Southold team will line up with such stars as Johnny Norklun, Marty Shipulski, Hank Sanford, Jimmy Gagen, Brick Stezer, Issy Krupski and Harold “Goldy” Goldsmith.

The Southold-Greenport tussles in the past 10 years will be revived and as the fans know, anything can be expected.

Aug. 17, 1928

A car washing machine, the latest type of high-pressure machine for washing cars has been installed in Wilson’s Garage opposite the Post Office.

Aug. 17, 1878

Capt. S. P. Rackett has had six more large and commodious bath houses erected, and furnished, and painted in the highest style of the art.

Fashion notes: Young ladies wear caps like those of the Roman peasant women. The old fashioned drooping chignon is about ready to be revived.

Caption: A photo of protesters at the 1978 power plant protest. (Credit: Pete Parpan)