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Robert Scott returns to work part-time at Satnick Jewelers in Southold

Back in January 2017, after 31 years, Robert Scott closed the popular Robert’s Jewelers in Southold’s Feather Hill plaza. Mr. Scott had distinguished himself as a local jeweler with a reputation for integrity, and when he announced his retirement, his customers were unsure where to turn.

Mr. Scott’s work as a jeweler is far from over, however, as he now plans to return to Feather Hill, this time taking a step back from the title role as a consultant for the new Satnick Jewelers.

In the lead this time is Roger Satnick, a third-generation jewelry designer following in the footsteps of his grandfather Max, who opened Max Satnick Jewelers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 1912 and his father, Hartley Satnick, a retired certified master watchmaker. 

“I was ready to retire, but I found that I missed it,” Mr. Scott said, “and my clients just kept kind of haranguing me and asking me where to go and what to do, and I didn’t have an answer. But now I do.” 

Both Mr. Scott and Mr. Satnick are members of the Consolidated Jewelers Association of Greater New York, a regional association of which the latter is co-president, and also belong to Jewelers of America. Through these organizations, the men have known each other for about four years. Mr. Satnick was looking for a new store location, and Mr. Scott said Mr. Satnick finally met his standard for the kind of jeweler he was hoping would come to Southold. 

“I’ve looked for a quality jeweler to be in Southold,” Mr. Scott said, “and Roger fit the bill in every way, shape or form.”

It took the men about a month and a half to find a location for Satnick Jewelers, which, ironically, ended up being a space right behind the former Robert’s Jeweler’s store.

“He’s as good as I am, if not better,” Mr. Scott said. “In many, many aspects. So the only thing, to put this in a synopsis — when I pass on, the only thing I can take with me is my reputation, and nobody messes with that. And I have no qualms about Roger being attached to my name, simple as it gets. Now Roger can take over.” 

Satnick Jewelers will offer a full range of jewelry, but Mr. Satnick’s specialty is custom jewelry design, as well as the restoration of antique and estate pieces.

“My forte is the design and fabrication of jewelry,” Mr. Satnick said. “If you can’t find it, it can be made. There is nothing that I cannot make. Also, I’m a third-generation jewelry designer and my father is a retired certified master watchmaker, so we repair watches from Bulova all the way up to Patek Philippe. So you now have a place not only for a battery, but there are people with very fine watches that have nowhere to go because they’re afraid to leave these expensive watches. We repair them.”

Satnick Jewelers is set to have a grand opening Thursday, Aug. 9.

“We’re just looking forward to opening the store and meeting everyone in town,” Mr. Satnick said.

Photo caption: Robert Scott (left) returns to the jewelry business to work with Roger Satnick in a new business set to open next week in Southold. (Tina Contento photo) 

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