The Work We Do: Chris Czartosieski, BodySmart

Hi I’m Chris Czartosieski, the owner at BodySmart in Southold.

My degree is in physical education. And from there, when I left college, I taught in South Carolina for a few years. We moved back up to Southold and I tried a little bit in the schools teaching. 

There was really not too many positions available locally, so I started my fitness business. We started while living down south, just out of parks or out of my house, but up here we made it larger scale.

We’re in a society where it is the norm to be overweight and not in shape, and we’re trying to fix that. We’re trying to change the way fitness is done out here.

So, on a normal day, I get here about 5:45 in the morning. First things first, for myself is sending out all the training programs for our clients. At about 6 o’clock they’ll start coming in. We train about five people every hour. At 8 o’clock or 9 o’clock, I’ll teach a larger group class and then I’ll do a few more hours of training after that, until about 11 a.m. and then I come back in the afternoon at about 3:30, where again, we’ll train a few more clients. And at 5 o’clock we’ll have a large group class and then maybe one more group of clients after that. We usually wrap up around 6:30, 7 o’clock.

I think my favorite part of my career is the variety of people that we deal with. We’re not training the pros. We have people who live out here who just want to make themselves better.

I actually was the overweight kid when I was grade school moving on up. You cleaned your plate as a kid, like we were told. I was active, but at one point, it just catches up to you. So going through college, and learning properly how to take care of yourself, I kind of just saw this opportunity and was like, you know what, we need to help others, and that’s really what this business is about, is helping other people achieve their goals.

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