The Work We Do: Marilyn LoPresti, North Fork Bodies in Motion

I’m Dr. Marilyn LoPresti. I’m the owner of North Fork Bodies in Motion.

North Fork Bodies in Motion was created two years ago and is dedicated to helping others through fitness and exercise, primarily through the martial arts and low-impact aerobics.

About 32 years ago, I was struck with breast cancer. I’m a breast cancer survivor. During that time, I had many, many setbacks, like chemotherapy, radiation, multiple surgeries, some life-threatening surgeries. During that time, I always felt like it was a setback but that I was going to move forward, challenge myself, get myself up and start again. This is where it led me today in that I’m trying to help others do the same.

I have a second-degree black belt. I have a very, very big extensive history with the martial arts. That’s what North Fork Bodies in Motion is about. I want to share these experiences with people who mostly have not been experienced the martial arts or some of the exercises I do.

I teach classes six days a week out of Main Stage Dance Studio in Greenport which is wonderful especially because of the mirrors. I teach authentic Tai Chi. It has many benefits. I also teach Walk15 low impact aerobics, which I introduced to the North Fork. It’s very, very popular. It’s a low impact class so people of all fitness levels and abilities can enjoy. 

What makes the class fun is the music. I work many hours on playlists so they’re always different and exciting. In my class people sing, they are smiling and they’re enjoying themselves. What they don’t realize is that in one hour, they travel four miles. 

A lot of students take both classes of mine. They’re a wonderful compliment to each other. Both of them build strength, stamina, endurance. People who started out only being able to go one mile are going four miles after a time of working at at and coming to class more than once a week.

My first career was in education. I have a doctorate from New York University in administration and organizational studies. This for me is a second career and it’s one that makes it a joy to go to work every day. I really love the work I do.

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