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Fishers Island Ferry District gets bond for $290,000

Southold Town passed a $290,000 bond for the increase and improvement of facilities of the Fishers Island Ferry District last Tuesday night.

The bond will cover replacement engines on the MV Munnatawket estimated to cost a maximum of $150,000. The Silver Eel Channel will also be dredged for a maximum cost of $140,000.

The Fishers Island Ferry District is self-supporting, so costs are paid by residents of the district, not the entire Town of Southold, Supervisor Scott Russell said in an email.

“The resolutions adopted by the Town board with reference to the Fishers Island Ferry District are part of an antiquated State law that requires town approval despite not having any authority or oversight of the district,” Mr. Russell stated. “Historically, the district operated under the full faith and credit of the town. It doesn’t anymore, and both the Town and the District have been working to change the law which would simply recognize the autonomy of the district.”

The resolution was passed unanimously.

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