Guest Column: Zeldin stands up for our local issues

This is in response to the Guest Spot that appeared in the Oct. 11 edition (“Silence in Congress is not leadership we need,” Oct. 11). If you’re expecting a rebuttal of the “facts” go to the sports section now: there is no way anyone could have a discussion of any substance after reading the first two paragraphs of that childish screed.

“A tick embedding itself in a deer’s ear,” “faithful sycophant,” “philanderer in chief,” “hallmark of cowardice,” “proponents of racial and religious bias.” These are all phrases meant to stifle discussion, not encourage it. They take away, completely, the points the writers were attempting to make and seek to demean anyone that attempts to have a discussion on the direction our country should be going. It’s a tactic called the politics of personal destruction and it has got to stop if reasonable people are ever going to engage again in the important matters that face the people of our nation.

With respect to the candidates currently campaigning for Congress, I think we missed an opportunity to discuss the matters that are important to us locally. For instance, the recent interview in this paper with the Democrat challenger failed to address the issues that are important to us here on the North Fork, such as the helicopter noise problem. I would like to know how dedicated Mr. Gershon is to the plight of North Forkers considering he has a home in the Hamptons. Has he used the service? Is he going to continue the fight for the mandatory use of the South Shore route? Congressman Zeldin fought for and won a public hearing with federal government officials that will allow North Forkers to express their opinion on this matter. A public hearing that was denied us by Sen. Chuck Schumer, the most powerful Democrat in the nation.

Will Mr. Gershon continue to request important studies looking for solutions to such problems as Hashamomuck Cove or is he in favor of abandoning those people and letting the rising tide sweep their homes away?

Mr. Gershon recently wrote a letter to the editor complaining about the lack of progress in our current effort to save Plum Island. It is my opinion that Mr. Zeldin’s efforts on behalf of his constituents, here on the North Fork, have been heroic when you consider that most people believe our federal government became dysfunctional a long time ago. That letter also contained Mr. Gershon’s own personal version of the politics of personal destruction, making vague references and unsubstantiated claims. Sound familiar?

Lastly, who is Mr. Gershon? I can’t recall him ever being involved in any of the discussions about the problems that affect our region or even his own adopted town. Has he ever even participated in a local First District school budget vote?

The 1st Congressional District deserves someone that has been an active participant in our community, someone that understands the problems that face our district because he has grown up and worked here all his life. Mr. Zeldin is that person.

See that! I did that all without calling anyone a tick!

The author is a member of the Southold Town Board.

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