Paul Drum 5th annual Pirate & Mermaid Breakfast raises over $4K

The Paul Drum 5th annual Pirate & Mermaid Breakfast brought in more than $4,000 Sunday, Sept. 23 at Front Street Station, the highest amount to date, according to Sharon Sailor.

Ms. Sailor — Mr. Drum’s mother and the owner of Front Street Station — is the president of Paul Drum Life Experience Project, a non-profit that holds free summer programs for children ages seven through 12 in Greenport. The money raised during the breakfast will fund 2019 programs.

Mr. Drum, who has Down syndrome, said he is honored to host the fundraising event for the community at which he also receives an honorary government title each year. 

“He loved the event,” Ms. Sailor said. “He’s already asking who he is going to be next year.”

The annual breakfast started as a fundraising event for the East End Seaport Museum during the Maritime Festival in Greenport five years ago. Now, the money raised benefits the The Paul Drum Life Experience Project, which became a 501(c)(3) non-profit in fall 2017.

Programs run eight weeks starting in July. Any child is welcome to come; it is not specific to Greenport residents. Participants get water and a snack during the hour-long program. This past summer, programs ranged from “Become a Detective with Chief Martin Flatley” where Southold Police officers and Chief Flatley presented what it’s like to be in their shoes. It has also hosted radio hosts from WLNG where participants got to go on air with Scotty Hart.

Paul Drum with Suffolk County Legislator Al Krupski at the breakfast. (Courtesy photo)

We have a great time doing it,” she added. “We just want to thank everyone, from the volunteers, to the participants and community for all coming together and giving their time and money and their support to us.”

At this year’s breakfast, Mr. Drum also received the honorary title of Legislator for the Day from Suffolk County Legislator Al Krupski (D-Cutchogue). It is the latest in an impressive line of honorary distinctions. In 2013, Mr. Drum was Greenport Village Mayor for the day. The year following he was Southold Town Police Chief for the day. He has since been County Executive for the day and Assemblyman for the day. Whoever holds the elected seat comes to the breakfast and gives him a proclamation.

“He’s got quite the resume,” Ms. Sailor said. “He asked me, ‘do you think I could be governor or president next year?’ He’s aiming high.”

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Photo caption: Guests dress in maritime inspire outfits during the breakfast. (Courtesy photo)

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