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Youngs Avenue residents request signs prohibiting parking

The Founders Village Homeowners Association has requested that signs prohibiting parking be installed on Youngs Avenue.

Councilman Bill Ruland, who serves as Town Board liaison to the Transportation Commission, said residents of Founders Village have complained about line of sight issues and say cars parked on the side of the road create a dangerous situation for motorists trying to exit their community.

“The amount of traffic we continue to deal with in the town is increasing,” Mr. Ruland said. “Given that, it does not seem like an unreasonable request.”

“It’s tough for me because we’re more or less using town code to protect the covenants of a private condominium,” Mr. Russell said. 

Ultimately, however, Mr. Russell agreed that the safety component outweighs all other factors.

“I guess it’s part of growing pains as our small hamlet grows larger, but I think that if you take all the mitigating factors, common sense would say that you shouldn’t allow parking there because of safety concerns,” Mr. Ruland said.

This request must be subject to a public hearing, which will most likely be held within the next few months. 

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