Guest column: Where can local people live?

Local people need housing in Greenport that they can afford. My kids grew up going to Greenport schools.

They’ve known these kids basically their whole lives. Then we had to move out of Greenport because there is nothing to rent there year round that’s a dwelling that’s not in disrepair. My kids, and I’m sure others who’ve had to move, are suffering because they have to establish new friendships and get acclimated to new everything.

I know kids are adaptable but it just makes me sad knowing my kids are not enjoying their high school experience. I have a senior this year who would love to graduate from Greenport school, where he grew up in. Everyone who has a house has jumped on the bandwagon to rent it to seasonal visitors because of the high amounts of money they can make, not even thinking of the local people who still rent to be able to work in this town.

Then the businesses complain that there are no workers. Well, why would one work somewhere that they can’t live? All I’m asking is that people who have a house to rent to consider the local workforce and schoolchildren and open up their houses to rent to families like us. Thank you for reading my letter.

The author lives in Peconic.