The Work We Do: Ginny Corazzini, Southold Pharmacy

 I’m Ginny Corazzini and I’m the supervising pharmacist here at Southold Pharmacy.

People think all a pharmacist does is count pills on a tray and put them in a bottle and call it a day, but that’s not really what goes on.

The pharmacist is really the final check in the whole situation. We do need to check the doctors’ dosing, and that’s our job.

I’ve been in this business for about 33 years — 23 years licensed as a pharmacist. At this actual store, I started when I was 14 years old. I came back home here about six years ago.

I worked in the chain world, and I liked it. I actually wanted to work more on the business end of things and had become a district manager at one point in time and I realized I really couldn’t start a family at that pace. When my husband and I decided we wanted to have kids, we decided to come back home. This atmosphere allows me to come to work, be myself as a pharmacist, and be home at a great time for my family and kids when they need me.

I definitely wanted to come home to the community pharmacy, where I live and work with the people that I know.

As a teenager, this was an awesome job to start with. Don Scott had started this business in 1963 in this same store and he was my first boss. They gave us a great work ethic.

We like to have a nice hometown atmosphere here. So I know all my patients. I know the medications that they take. It’s always a friendly environment here. It’s not like a number at a big chain. We definitely put our hearts into the business, all the pharmacists that work here.

What I used to always tell my staff pharmacists who worked under me was treat every customer like they’re a family member. So fill the prescription like you’re filling the prescription for your mom and dad. Take the time to make sure you double- and triple-check yourself before the prescription comes out.

Southold Pharmacy is located at 53895 Route 25, Southold.

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