Residents moving forward with Greenport Community Association

The idea of creating a new Greenport Community Association is gaining traction among residents.

More than 40 people attended the first official gathering of interested people last Saturday at the Greenport library, according to one of the group’s organizer, Penelope Rudder.

Ms. Rudder said, although they were missing some demographics at the meeting, she is extremely positive about where the group can go.

“It was very energetic. It was very open and people felt free talking,” Ms. Rudder said.

After introducing themselves, participants broke up into three groups and discussed what they cherished about Greenport and what they’d like to see happen to make things better.

“It was really interesting to hear everyone’s different reasons for personally being there,” she added.

Since the first meeting was held Saturday afternoon, many people were not able to attend because of work or other issues. The group wants to make sure the next meeting will be more inclusive so they can attract more people.

“We’re just really starting to see where it goes. We really don’t know at this point,” resident Randy Wade said before the meeting. “The point of having this first big open meeting to hear what people really love the most about Greenport and what we really value and want to protect, and what concerns their might be.”

Concerns discussed during the meeting ranged from environmental issues to local business.

There was not one specific focus, Ms. Rudder said. “With 40 people, there were 40 different [sets of] eyes on how to make life really better and inclusive and something that we’re all building.”

Ms. Rudder, creator of the Little Free Pantry in Greenport, said that she was inspired to start this group while speaking with people at the pantry.

The leaders of this potential group have spoken to East Marion’s Community Association to get tips for starting up. There has been no official meeting before this Saturday, but there have been informal meet ups to discuss the possibility of the group.

“To me, the greatest resource in the community is all of its people,” Ms. Rudder said.

The next meeting is Wednesday, Jan. 30 at 6 p.m. at the Greenport library, and then again Feb. 9 at 2 p.m. in the same location.

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