Editor’s Note: Correction on story about affordable housing

The editors of our newspaper have issued a correction on a story about affordable housing that ran online Thursday and in page 3 of that day’s paper.

The correction relates to comments made by Councilman Jim Dinizio, whose remarks were misrepresented in our story.

We would like to say we’re sorry to both the councilman and our readers for the errors we made.

We greatly appreciated Mr. Dinzio’s attendance at the event, which we hosted, and are grateful for his willingness to be a participant in the discussion, something we strongly encouraged of all audience members. The inaccuracies in our reporting of his comments are regrettable and so we have corrected them online and will do so again in next week’s print edition. The three paragraphs below have been added to the story to more accurately convey Mr. Dinizio’s remarks:

Southold Town Councilman Jim Dinizio later commented that Southold has preserved more than 5,000 acres of land by purchasing open space and another 3,000 acres through rezoning.

“We have preserved 5,000 acres of our land and we have another 5,000 acres to go and [then] there is no more land to preserve in Southold Town,” Mr. Dinizio said.

The councilman added that only 20 percent of the additional land could be built on.