More pickleball courts could be added in Peconic

Officials are considering adding three more pickleball courts at Tasker Park in Peconic.

“We left room there in case we needed to expand,” Supervisor Scott Russell said. “The popularity has exceeded the three courts.” 

Pickleball, which is played with a paddle and whiffle ball, combines elements of tennis, badminton and pingpong, and has become common in recent years.

The town added pickleball lines to two tennis courts at Jean Cochran Park in Peconic in 2016 due to its popularity. Three dedicated pickleball courts were added at Tasker Park in Peconic last year.

At Tuesday’s work session, Mr. Russell asked director of public works Jeff Standish to develop plans and a budget for three additional courts.

The original courts were estimated to cost $50,000, according to Mr. Standish, and came in $10,000 under budget thanks to donated services and some in-house work.

“We were fortunate to get a lot of milling from the roads being done to fill the hole,” he said. “The cost might be a little bit more this time around,” he added, also noting that the work could be completed within months once the risk of frost is gone.

Estimates will be sought for netting and surfacing, Mr. Standish said, but other aspects of the project could be accomplished using existing town contracts and the DPW crew.

“It’s great to see. [Pickleball] really became popular and people are enjoying it,” Councilman Bob Ghosio said.

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