Greenporter Hotel plans expansion to add 20 guest rooms on third floor

In preparation for another busy summer season, some hotels in Greenport Village are modifying or expanding their services. 

Three proposals brought before the Village Planning Board Thursday night, two of which were approved, revolved around modifications to The Menhaden, American Beech and Greenporter Hotel.

A potential expansion for Greenporter Hotel, led by Hideaki Ariizumi and Glynis Berry from Studio A/B Architects of Riverhead, would construct 20 guest rooms on the new third floor and add a lobby to connect the separated buildings on Front Street.

Deborah Rivera-Pittorino said she opened the hotel with her husband about 20 years ago. She closed the restaurant portion about four years ago after she lost her husband to pancreatic cancer. She then decided to prioritize the lodging element of the business. The restaurant still offers complimentary breakfast to guests. 

The 20 guest rooms would appeal to families with an “accessible price point,” Ms. Rivera-Pittorino told board members. Extra storage space would be converted to a library for guests. The hotel currently offers 30 rooms for reservation. 

The hotel’s primary demographic is 28- to 55-year-olds from Manhattan or Brooklyn who do not own cars, Ms. Rivera-Pittorino said.  

“We would be able to maximize the sale of our rooms in high season and also be able to offer more rooms to companies,” she said. “In the last couple of years, we’ve done a lot of business with corporations.”

The expansion would also reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint, she said, by reducing heating usage, and adding solar panels and a permaculture garden attached to the building.

Newly appointed Planning Board chair Walter Foote said although the project is still in its early stages, the “ambitious” plan could improve the community. 

Village administrator Paul Pallas said the project may require variances depending on feedback from the planner. 

The board requested the architect submit a longform assessment form. The project will come before the board again after the Village receives feedback from the planner. 

Beginning this summer, Greenport’s newest hotel, The Menhaden, will offer outdoor seating.

Twelve seats will be added to the exterior of the building for entertainment purposes, according to the approved site plan. To comply with the site plan, contracting company Front & Third LLC is required to remove 12 seats from inside the building to make space for the outdoor spots. 

The board also approved minor changes to historic Stirling Square, home of American Beech.

The proposal, assembled through Stirling Square LLC, asked to change a now-vacant retail space into use for assembly.

The site plan, which came before the board at the Feb. 28 regular meeting, is intended to accommodate overflow seating from the main restaurant at American Beech. At a previous meeting, Mr. Foote said, the applicant told the board no food preparation would occur in the converted space.

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that a public hearing would still be held on The Menhaden and American Beech. Those hearings were held April 4.

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