The Work We Do: John Scaramucci, GNS Mermaid

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I’m John Scaramucci, president of GNS Mermaid in Mattituck.

I’m also the president of Harry Goldman Water Testing. We do lab water testing and water analysis. 

I’m also the head salesman, the head technician, the [chief financial officer], I’m also the accountant. I’m everybody. I’m whatever I have to be. I do all my own sales calls, too.

Typically, I go to people’s houses, I test their water on site and I talk to them about their concerns about the water.

I think it has different importance to different people. For some, it’s paramount and almost excessive. Other people never think about their water much. Some people have issues with their water, like [it] causes stains, corrosion to their plumbing, or they might have an odor. Those types of people have a need for water treatment, while other people want all the possible water treatment to have relatively clean water to make them feel comfortable.

That’s the reason why I go to their house and talk to them face-to-face. It’s also the reason that I don’t use salesmen. People get a sense of confidence when they talk to the owner.

I’ve been in the water business since 1996. I was a science major in college. Chemistry and biology always intrigued me. I went to Alfred University and Columbia University for two years. I never finished, but I was biology-focused.

I was side-tracked into construction for most of my life for 30 some odd years — but I love construction, too. Once I started to get around 50 years old … I started to look for something else.

Only 1% of the world’s freshwater is accessible to us to use to drink, to wash, to do laundry, to wash our cars, to water our lawns. The more people that use this 1%, the less time it has to spend back in nature, in the [water] cycle.

We have customers since the 1970s. I like to know that people choose me and my company because they have confidence in me and they actually know what they’re getting.

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