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The Work We Do: Elaine Frederiksson, Drossos Miniature Golf and Snack Bar

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My name is Elaine Frederiksson. We’re here at the Drossos Miniature Golf and Snack Bar in beautiful Greenport. I’m the owner. My family’s had this business for 61 years. This is an area where I spent my summers and this was my camp. We love to share it with people. We have a business that’s multi-generational and people come here for lots of fun and laughs so it’s a happy, happy experience.

I grew up in Queens and summers when school was out, this is where we spent our summers. My grandparents owned the business and we literally were here from June until Labor Day. Friends of mine would go to camp, but this actually, where we are standing, is where we spent – my brothers and myself had our camp – we called it our camp.

I’ve been involved with the business for the last 15 years. My father passed away about 15 years ago and my brother and I got involved to help my mom keep it going in the family. We love doing it and I love being here and seeing all the smiling faces and hearing stories. People come back, as old as myself, coming with their grandchildren and their first dates they experienced here. So, it’s been, it’s really a pleasure. It’s a wonderful, wonderful business to be a part of because everyone’s here to have fun.

The nice thing about it – it has grown. Of course, the population has changed out here, but it has remained so much the same and I think that’s the joy of this business is that people come back and they’re so happy to see that it is still here and it has not changed and I think what’s going on now with — everything’s vintage so people find this as a classic miniature golf course and to see that it’s still here and remains the same, people, they get a charge out of it.

We have a wonderful snack bar, which we’ve had for many years. Three years ago, Jenny started Jenny’s at Drossos which is a pop-up that she began — wonderful food and we also have delicious ice cream. We’re known for our wonderful soft serve and shakes and all the goodies that everyone enjoys. And we also have a 14-room motel that we just redid and refreshed. It’s like a little complex here and we’re very proud of it. 

My mom is still very much involved and, you know, we run this together and it’s a blessing for us and for the community.

“The Work We Do” is a Suffolk Times multimedia project profiling workers on the North Fork made possible by Peconic Landing.”