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Village convenience store seeks site plan approval after cited for violation

A village code violation led a Front Street business to seek site plan approval from the Greenport Planning Board.

Layyah, a convenience store at 331 Front St., was allegedly cited for a violation by Greenport Village after owner Imram Qasim Khan began construction of a commercial kitchen inside the facility and placed picnic tables outside before receiving a permit.

In response, Mr. Khan brought a site plan before the Planning Board board last Thursday, Oct. 3, requesting approval.

Mr. Khan was represented by architect Robert Brown, who prepared the drawings based on what had already been installed. Mr. Brown said the delay in the application process may have been related to a language barrier.

“I found that in helping [Mr. Khan] prepare his applications, there was a lot of misunderstanding on what the questions were,” Mr. Brown said.

The property is located in the Commercial Retail district and is not part of the village Historic District, according to the Planning Board agenda.

Village administrator Paul Pallas said he was “unable to discuss ongoing litigation” and does not know when the village issued the violation to Mr. Khan’s business.

“If he wanted to continue to use the kitchen and the tables, he would have to come here. It’s that simple,” Mr. Pallas said after the meeting.

It’s unclear if additional violations can be issued while the site plan application is still pending, but Mr. Pallas said “there is always a potential for more violations.”

Mr. Khan was not immediately available for comment.

In 2014, Layyah came before the Planning Board to receive approval after the owner at that time had already begun operating a taxi service from the store parking lot in front of the store. That service was later discontinued.

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