Election 2019: Southold Town Supervisor candidates

Town Supervisor

Four-year term
Salary: $111,916

Scott Russell

Hamlet: Cutchogue
Occupation: Town Supervisor
Party Lines: Republican, Conservative, Independence

About: Mr. Russell, 55, was born and raised in Mattituck. He has a degree from George Washington University. He served briefly as a legal assistant for a law firm in New York City, began his public service career as an aide to former congressman William Carney and later was an elected town assessor for 15 years. He is the father of a son and a daughter.

His pitch: The 14-year incumbent said that his next term would see implementation of the town’s recently completed comprehensive plan, particularly with regard to land use and zoning.

Mr. Russell said he’d also maintain services for “often overlooked” populations, such as the Meals on Wheels program that sees approximately 20,000 meals delivered to seniors annually.

Mr. Russell also said he’d continue an ongoing effort to bring a recreational facility with an indoor pool to Southold, as well as green energy. He said he’d continue the town’s approach to land preservation and financial management that have put the town in a strong position.

In his words: “I’ve established a record through hard work and a nonpartisan, cooperative spirit with everyone. What’s key is access, maintaining my accessibility to the public.”

Greg Doroski

Greg Doroski

Hamlet: Mattituck
Occupation: Running for supervisor
Party Lines: Democratic, Libertarian

About: Mr. Doroski, 39, was born and raised in Southold Town and graduated from Mattituck High School in 1999.

After earning a degree in philosophy from Drew University, he worked in Brooklyn as a project manager for a residential property management company before moving back to Cut-ch-ogue to work as a brewer at Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.

He was the managing partner and head brewer at Threes Brewing in Brooklyn and most recently worked at Raphael Vineyards.

Mr. Doroski is also an ordained deacon at First Presbyterian Church in Southold and is raising two young daughters with his wife, Liz.

His pitch: Mr. Doroski said the skills he’s amassed from his experience in property management and business make him an ideal candidate for Town Supervisor. He pointed to the environment, economy and management of change to be his top three issues impacting Southold.

Mr. Doroski said he’s running to improve water quality, level the playing field when it comes to small businesses and manage change to preserve what makes Southold unique.

In his words: “As we see all of the young people move away, and their parents move away, the character of this community is shifting on a fundamental level. The way I look at it is, if I’m not willing to jump in and change things, then I’ve got to stop complaining.”

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