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Southold school officials highlight SOHO TV’s success at conference in Washington D.C.

The sky’s the limit for digital citizenship.

That’s what Southold School District faculty proposed to an audience of roughly 20 people at The Video Show, a video content-focused conference held in Washington, D.C., Dec. 4 and 5.

Superintendent David Gamberg, Southold High School technology teacher Jason Wesnofske and audio/visual specialist Eric Kehl gave a 45-minute presentation about Southold’s student broadcast program, SOHO TV, and student learning.

The seminar revealed why and how video production at the high-school level can play a prominent role in educating students in the years ahead, according to the event page.

“We put forward the notion that today’s learning is different than your grandparents’ learning in that having a TV broadcasting program is not just a luxury — but it almost becomes a necessity,” Mr. Gamberg said, “to allow novice student-learners the opportunity to learn how to be responsible with what they do in a digital world.”

Mr. Wesnofske said the presentation also discussed how SOHO TV students are learning to be appropriate on social media.

“It is remarkable … to see how we are on-point with what we should be doing with how to be appropriate and how you build a digital footprint for the rest of your life,” he said.

In his 13 years in education, Mr. Wesnofske said the conference was the highlight of his career thus far.

“I was blessed to be able to go and showcase all that Southold does,” he said.

The presentation also included a video from a SOHO TV student who said he knows he’s successful when his package makes it onto the weekly episode and when his uncle in Texas talks about what he sees his nephew doing. Mr. Gamberg said that demonstrates the value of hands-on learning.

“Now think about that — in terms of the value of work and learning taking place in real time,” he said. “I think that these are the kinds of things that we’re very proud of the work that’s taking place.”

SOHO TV reaches a weekly audience of about 1,000 viewers and annually co-hosts the Broadcast Awards for Senior High School event, where Long Island school districts submit packages to be judged.

Photo caption: Southold Superintendent David Gamberg presented at the event. (Courtesy photo)

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