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Southold Town study to focus on parking in New Suffolk

A parking study focused on the New Suffolk area is expected to be completed this month, Councilwoman Jill Doherty said Tuesday.

The new report, drafted by engineers from AKRF, will focus on addressing the rapid growth in downtown New Suffolk. 

“The beach and the business area has become so popular that there is no room to park anywhere,” she said after Tuesday’s work session. “People that live there can’t even get into their own driveways sometimes.”

Ms. Doherty said engineers have consulted with residents directly to come up with a comprehensive solution to the problem. 

Once accepted by the Town Board for completeness, the report will be referred to the transportation commission and community meetings will follow. 

“We hope to get input from the public on the suggestions that have come out from this study,” she said, in order to help the Town Board move forward. “Our goal is to come up with something that we can all live with.”