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Bulkhead, framing may be replaced on exterior of Pipes Cove condominium

The Pipes Cove condominium boat basin at the end of Sixth Street may see changes in coming months.

Greenport Village trustees approved a conditional wetlands permit application last Thursday that was submitted by Robert Hermann of En-Consultants on behalf of the property’s Pipes Cove Management Association. The application calls for replacement of bulkhead and framing on the exterior of the condominium. 

The Greenport Conservation Advisory Council suggested several conditions that were attached to the resolution: the applicant must install a pump-out station connected to the village sewer system, the pump-out station to be located along the west-facing bulkhead north of the created wetlands; the pump-out station should be made available to the village pump-out boat; and the area surrounding the created wetlands area on the east side of the property shall only be planted with native plants. 

Mr. Hermann gave a presentation on the application at the Jan. 23 Village Board meeting. There, he said the property is located inside and outside village boundaries, and while the overall project entails the replacement of over 1,000 linear feet of bulkhead, the application before the village only replaces about 600 linear feet and focuses on the east side of the property. The rest of the project is in Southold Town jurisdiction, he said.

The project design was developed following an August 2017 meeting with En-Consultants, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Southold Town Trustees and the Greenport Village CAC, Mr. Hermann said at the January meeting.

Mr. Hermann was not available for further comment.