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Southold Police Chief Flatley: ‘I cannot comprehend’ the death of George Floyd

I, too, have witnessed this tragic and unnecessary death through the media, and like you, cannot comprehend why this has happened. No family should have to endure a loss of this magnitude.

The actions of this officer during the arrest of George Floyd go against the policies of our department and the training that every one of our officers, as well as every officer in New York State receives.

I, too, agree that this should have never happened and condemn the fatal actions of these officers charged with Mr. Floyd’s death, as every officer has taken an oath to “protect and serve” their community.

As evidenced by [Wednesday] afternoon’s rally and march in Peconic and vigil in Greenport Village, our department stands ready to support and protect the rights of all of our residents and neighbors to peacefully protest these events.

As chief of police for the Town of Southold, I always appreciate the relationships our Department has fostered with all members of our community and will continuously strive to strengthen them.

Editor’s Note: The chief’s statement was published Friday on the Town of Southold Facebook page.