Editorial: A note from our publisher

We are now in Phase 3 of the NY Forward reopening plan and more and more businesses, big and small, are trying to adapt, reinvent and find their way to a new normal after months of closures. 

We are seeing a spirit of entrepreneurship as they begin to open their doors and welcome the public back. And all this is happening just as we enter the summer months, when the extraordinary beauty all around us once again fully blossoms.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the regional business community fundamentally, as it has changed how government works and interacts with the public and has affected all of us. 

As we enter this critical period, we want to reinforce the message that our staff is determined to keep you fully informed about what is happening — in our schools, in our governments and in our business community. 

We have no more important responsibility. We are committed to providing you with the news that matters the most at this time — from how government works to fully resume its activities, to how businesses adapt and change, to how our neighbors are faring during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our newsroom is funded primarily through display advertising. As the business community has struggled to find a new path forward, we’ve turned more often to our readers to support our mission by paying for access to our content. We ask you to help us, as our future is very much tied to the wellbeing of the North Fork. 

At a time when we need each other more than ever, we’re asking that you consider purchasing a digital subscription for $52 per year or $6 per month. Your investment will not only help us continue to keep you informed, but will also assist us in restoring our staffing levels to where they were before this pandemic changed everything. 

Our Mattituck office has been closed since mid-March, and a reduced staff has been working on their laptops from their homes. Even with these challenges we have continued to produce content seven days a week, for our newspapers and websites, with the goal of keeping you as up to date as possible under trying circumstances. 

We also want to hear from you about the stories we’re not telling. We welcome story ideas and tips from our readers that will help us better serve your needs as we move into the summer months.

Please consider throwing your support our way with a digital subscription — and know that we are grateful for it.