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Southold Blotter: Narcan administered to person found unresponsive from overdose

A Southold police officer stopped Christopher Blondo-Flores, 25, for speeding on Route 48 in Cutchogue. Open alcohol containers were found in the car and Mr. Blondo-Flores had alcohol on his breath. He was determined to be intoxicated and was arrested and taken to headquarters for processing.

• Callers reported fireworks being launched at Fisherman’s Beach in Cutchogue Friday. An officer responded. No charges were filed.

• A caller alerted police Friday that a diamond necklace worth $7,500 was lost on Kenney’s Beach.

• Responding to a call last Wednesday, Southold police went to a house on Apple Court in Southold and found an unresponsive person on a bed. Narcan was administered and the person was determined to have overdosed. The person was taken to Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital. Drug paraphernalia and syringes were confiscated from the residence.

• A man living on Sound Road in Greenport told police last Wednesday that he had recently been discharged from a mental hospital in New York City and requested that police remove a shotgun from his residence. 

• Police investigated reports of a loud party on North Road in Greenport Saturday. A renter at the house said a wedding after-party was underway and agreed to lower the music.

• Police responded to a complaint Sunday that neighbors on Bungalow Road in Mattituck were arguing over a yard sale. Town code only allows for two days for yard sales and this one was in its third day. The homeowner was told to shut down the yard sale.

• A copper pipe was damaged at the Boy Scout lodge at Bailie Beach Road in Mattituck. Park district officials said a camera and motion lights would be installed. 

• A homeowner on Shipyard Lane in East Marion told police last Monday that a cable splitter was removed from inside his condo and a propane tank for an outdoor barbecue was turned on. Police documented both incidents. 

• A police campaign sign was illegally removed from a residence on Robinson Lane in Peconic Sunday.

• A caller alerted police to a disturbance on Route 25 in Orient Sunday. The caller reported that people had thrown trash on top of his private dumpster. When told to remove the trash, individuals shouted “curses and vague threats.” The group left when police arrived. No trespassing affidavits were signed.

• A caller reported Friday that a former employee, Victor Ochoa, refused to leave a commercial business on West Creek Avenue in Cutchogue. Mr. Ochoa was told he is no longer employed at the site and is not allowed to return. No charges were filed. 

• A bay constable responded last Monday to reports of pier work being done at Cutchogue Harbor Marina on West Creek Avenue in Cutchogue without a permit.

• A caller reported Saturday that a man fishing near Peconic Bay Boulevard in Mattituck was taking too many snappers. Police interviewed George Vouvoudakis of Mattituck who had a valid fishing license. He was told that he could only keep three snappers, as opposed to 10 last year. He was issued a warning.

• Police responded last Wednesday to a laundromat on Adams Street in Greenport to investigate a complaint that a man refused to wear a mask. Officers found the man to be intoxicated. An officer gave the man a mask and advised him to wear it if he returned to the laundromat.

• Police responded Sunday to a complaint of a female wearing a pink bathing suit and a male in a red shirt fornicating on a beach on Peconic Bay Boulevard in Mattituck. The couple was interviewed by police and were advised to refrain from anything that could resemble fornicating on the beach.

• A Biden/Harris campaign sign was removed illegally last Monday from property on Franklinville Road in Laurel.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.