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Cuomo sets new out-of-state travel guidelines

Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced new guidelines for out-of-state travelers that are designed to have them “test out” of quarantine.

Under the new restrictions, travelers returning after more than 24 hours in any state not contiguous with New York are expected to get a COVID-19 test immediately upon return and again three days later. If both tests are negative, the traveler can end quarantine.

There will be no quarantine lists of states under the new plan, which goes into effect Wednesday.

“There will be one rule that applies across the country,” the governor said in a statement. “We bent the curve of this virus by following the data and the science, and we are continuing that approach with these new guidelines.”

Travelers spending less than 24 hours outside of New York must still fill out a traveler information form once returning to the state, he said.

Essential workers are exempt from the travel restrictions, the governor’s office said.