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Porter pride on display with new T-shirts sold to raise money for scholarships

A group of Greenport High School alumni is raising money to promote Porter pride.

Sticker decals and T-shirts with a “One Greenport” logo are on sale now and proceeds will support student scholarships and help underwrite the annual Greenport All-Class Reunion.

The heart-shaped purple and gold logo was designed by local artist and Greenport graduate Ricky Saetta, who partnered with Kevin Sage to donate a “One Greenport” sign to the school over the summer.

“When I saw it, I said, I really want that on a shirt and I think others might, too,” said Patty Hocker, who owns PH Graphics in Southold.

The design has since been printed on 100% cotton T-shirts that are being sold for $15 and come in standard sizes. Decals are also available for $3 each. 

Ms. Hocker said the idea is that Greenporters are known for their strong sense of individuality and community. “We’ve always been one. It doesn’t matter what color you are. It’s always been that way,” she said. “Once a Porter, always a Porter.”

She said that’s evident from the response to the annual All-Class Reunion, typically held in July, which draws hundreds of graduates of all ages from all over the country.

“It’s pretty incredible,” Ms. Hocker said. “It shows our community spirit.”

The group is also working with faculty at the high school on program promotion and coordination.

Shirts are on sale at Lucharitos and can also be ordered directly from Ms. Hocker by email at [email protected].