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Blotter: Bay constable investigates report of boater in distress

On Sunday a caller reported that a boat a mile off Soundview Road in Southold appeared to be in distress. Police responded to find the vessel was not under power and was not in distress. Later in the day, as darkness fell, “a light was observed coming from the vessel and from a distance it appeared the light might have been flashing,” according to a report. The bay constable responded and found two persons aboard the vessel who said they were not in distress and did not need assistance.

• On Sunday police investigated the theft of 18 plants worth $108 from an address on Rocky Point Road in East Marion. The report says the plants were removed by an unknown male and that the incident was captured on a security camera. The facility was closed at the time. Investigation is continuing.

• Police arrested Juanita Torres of Calverton Saturday after pulling her car over on Route 25 in Southold for failing to maintain its line of travel. A sobriety test was administered, which she failed. She was placed under arrest and transported to headquarters for a morning arraignment.

• A Southold man told police on June 21 that his email account was hacked and the person who did this emailed the names on the man’s contact list asking for funds to purchase Amazon gift cards. None of the people on the contact list complied and there was no financial loss.

• A Cutchogue woman told police an unknown person opened an account at Wells Fargo using her personal information. The woman said the bank corrected the matter and there was no financial loss.

• Fire crews responded to a house on Wickham Avenue in Mattituck Saturday after black smoke was seen coming from a crawlspace. The source of the fire was found in the northeast corner of the structure and was extinquished.

• Police responded Sunday to Claudio’s Clam Bar in Greenport after noise complaints were received. The DJ there was told to lower volume of the music.

• Police responded Saturday to a Cutchogue residence after reports of “loud, amplified music” were received. A wedding organizer at the address said amplifiers would be turned in the opposite direction and the volume would be lowered.

• Graffiti painted inside a portable restroom at an address on Wells Avenue in Southold was reported to police June 21. The report states: “This is the third time something has happened at this property.”

• On Saturday police reponded to a fight at an address on Front Street in Greenport. The occupant at the address told police two men were fighting and were told to leave the property. One of the men became angry and when police arrived said he had pain in his neck. He was transported to Stony Brook Eastern Long Island hospital for evaluation. No other information was available.

• On June 24 police received a call about a person on the rocks off Orient Point waving his arms at passing boats. The person had been fishing on the sandbar when the tide came in and was unable to walk back due to the swift current. A bay constable responded, as did the Orient Fire Department. A police officer on foot walked out to the subject to check on his condition and remained with him until a fire department boat could pick him up.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.