Southold Town may ditch beach and dump stickers in favor of hanging placards

The Southold Town Board is discussing an entirely new kind of beach and dump sticker for residents, one that would hang from a rearview mirror and be portable instead of fixed to the bumper of a car.

The idea was discussed at Tuesday’s Town Board work session and will likely be voted on in a couple of weeks.

Denis Noncarrow, the town’s government liaison officer, said the switch from vehicle stickers to a permit that would hang from the rearview mirror makes sense.

Currently, residents affix both beach and dump stickers to their cars’ front bumpers and, if that car is sold or damaged, the stickers are replaced at no charge. The new hanging permits, if approved, would also come with two walk-on badges for beach access. 

The current beach sticker is $20 for two years; the landfill sticker is $30 for two years. 

“It makes perfect sense and will be far more convenient for people,” Mr. Noncarrow said.

Apartment conversion

During Tuesday’s work session, board members  also discussed proposed town code amendments  that would allow apartment conversionsthat don’t require an expansion of the building’s footprint to  move forward without  a special exception from the ZBA.

As discussed by the board, the number of apartments in an existing structure would be limited to a maximum of six and would have to be in Hamlet Locus or Hamlet Center Zones.

Supervisor Scott Russell said the apartments would be reserved for those who are listed on the town’s affordable housing registry.