Mitchell Park carousel ride cost may increase by one dollar

Greenport Village trustees discussed plans to raise prices for the Mitchell Park Marina, Greenport carousel and McCann Campground at a work session last Thursday night.

The rate increases are meant to generate revenue to offset expenses, according to Trustee Mary Bess Phillips. All three recreational assets are funded from the village general budget, which relies on residential property tax assessments. 

“There is a lot of maintenance that goes into that antique carousel,” Ms. Phillips said. The carousel is around 100 years old, according to the village website. The cost per ride would increase from $2 to $3. 

During the work session, Greenport resident John Saladino called the proposed price hike for carousel rides “crazy.” 

“The carousel should be a loss. It should be like a dollar,” he said. “I would raise the price of campgrounds, I would raise the price of the marina.”

The higher fees will keep “expenses from being turned onto the taxpayer,” Ms. Phillips said.

“I understand where some people are coming from about the $3 for the carousel, but if you were to look at it from a different direction, that fee is helping to maintain that carousel so that it can operate,” she added.

The weekly rate for a trailer at the campground would rise by $25. Monthly and holiday rates would go up another $5 and the seasonal rate would increase by $200. Tent rates would remain the same.

At the marina, additional charges after 5 p.m. would be eliminated. Sunday overnight stays from May 15-31 and Oct. 1-30 would increase another 50 cents per foot. Over the summer, from June 1 to Sept. 30, the charge for a day stay would increase by another dollar per foot. Friday and Saturday overnights would increase another 50 cents per foot. Sunday overnights, holidays and boats over 75 feet would all cost an additional dollar per foot.

The Village Board plans to vote on the price hikes at its next regular meeting on Monday, Nov. 29.