Gold Boots Foundation fundraiser brings in $20K that will go toward scholarships for Greenport students

The Gold Boots Foundation’s first fundraiser event Friday raised $20,000, far surpassing the original get set by the organization’s founders.

The foundation was created in memory of Seth Tramontana, 27, who died last August.

Friday’s event at The Lin Beach House in Greenport raised funds for scholarships that will go to Greenport High School seniors.

Samantha Payne-Markel, one of the founders of the foundation, said the night was a “huge success” and $19,100 had been raised by the end of the night.

“Of course, this only made us want to get to $20,000 being so close,” Ms. Payne-Markel said.

It turned out getting to $20K wouldn’t take so long.

Ms. Payne-Markel said they realized Saturday one auction item had accidentally been left out — a private dinner for 10 at Ellen’s on Front. She said they planned to post the dinner in hopes of reaching the goal. In the meantime, Bunnii Buglione, the general manager at Ellen’s, told Ms. Payne-Markel that they planned to donate $500 the restaurant had won in the Greenport Harbor Brewing chili competition last month to the foundation.

Getting one step closer, Ms. Payne-Markel said she then realized there was another $100 check from Seth’s family in Atlanta.

After the fundraiser ended, Ellen’s hosted an after-party. The bartenders then donated all their tips, totaling $322, to the fundraiser. The bartenders at the main event also donated tips.

The good news wasn’t done yet. Ms. Payne-Markel said she then found out that The Lin Beach House that had already donated its space for the event, as well as a two-night stay for the auction, purchased the Ellen’s dinner as well.

“Truly unbelievable,” Ms. Payne-Markel said.

“The fact that before all of that we raised 19K just through ticket sales, donations and a group of 100% local people participating in raffles and auction is a true statement to how much this community loved Seth and will rally for one of their own,” she added.

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Photos by Jeremy Garretson