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Public hearing set for April 11 on Enclaves hotel site plan

The Southold Planning Board has set a public hearing for The Enclaves hotel and restaurant for 6 p.m. Monday, April 11.

The proposed site plan is for the conversion of an existing residence in Southold to a 74-seat restaurant and the construction of a 44-unit hotel and outdoor pool on 6.75 acres along Main Road in the Hamlet Business zoning district.

The site plan public hearing is the next key milestone for the project. The hotel and restaurant development has been met with significant pushback at past public hearings, including a ZBA hearing in October. 

The variance-free application had been up for a special exception use permit before the ZBA, which granted conditional approval in December. Outdoor events or events with more than 100 guests are not allowed at the site. Expansions of hotel units are not allowed and hotel amenities are for hotel guests only. Outdoor music is also not permitted at the site. 

Community concerns about the buildout have included potential impact on traffic, noise, community character and the environment.

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