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Police Blotter: Intoxicated man arrested after punching a fellow bus passenger

A County S92 bus driver reported on April 15 that an intoxicated male, identified in a report as Charles Pell, 57, of Southold, was causing a disturbance on the bus and struck a passenger with a closed fist. The passenger requested charges be brought against Mr. Pell. “While being interviewed, Pell attempted to punch Southold Town Police Department personnel and was placed under arrest. Mr. Pell refused to place his hands behind his back and continued to resist.” After a struggle, Mr. Pell was handcuffed and taken to headquarters pending arraignment.

• An unkown man with a “man bun” allegedly damaged a car on 5th Street in Greenport on April 11. A homeowner called police to say he heard loud banging during the night and in the morning found damage to the rear hatch and driver side fender of his vehicle.

• On April 11 the owner of a Cut­chogue landscaping company said an unknown male took firewood from the premises without paying for it. The owner said he did want to press charges but wanted the incident recorded.

• Police on April 11 responded to a Greenport address to investigate a missing persons report. A woman said her nephew left the address the day before to go to a laundromat in Riverhead via the S92 bus. The woman also told police her nephew was going to Riverhead to meet an unknown person to pay him some money. The woman told police she believes her nephew “might be in trouble,” according to a police report. An investigation is ongoing.

• A Cutchogue man on April 12 reported fraudulent activity on his credit card. He called Bank of America and his card was immediately frozen. The bank told him they would reimburse him for any financial loss.

• A police sergeant on April 12 spoke with a man who had gone into a Southold service station and acted out when told the business did not take food stamps. A report says the man knocked over a tip cup and firewood stacked outside before leaving the premises. A sergeant located the man walking nearby and said the man was uncooperative. The man was told to stay away from the service station.

• A Southold man told police April 13 that he had been a victim of bank fraud. The man told police that Dime Bank told him that an unknown subject had deposited a forged previously used check in the amount of $7,500 and attempted to deposit a second fraudulent check. Dime Bank said it would refund him to cover the amount.

• On April 13, police investigated the theft of food from an outside refrigerator at a Greenport restaurant. Video footage showed that on April 10 an unknown male cut the lock to the refrigerator and took out several food items.

• A Northport woman was arrested April 14 after police received a report of a vehicle failing to maintain its lane of travel on Rt. 25 in East Marion. Theresa Whiter “was found to be intoxicated and placed under arrest” and was held for arraignment. No other information was available.

• A Riverhead man, Jonathan Hopkins, 45, was arrested April 15 after a security guard at Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital reported an altercation in the emergency room lobby. The security guard asked Mr. Hopkins to put on a mask and he  responded with a curse word. The guard asked him again to wear a mask and to refrain fro vulgar language and then he shoved the security guard to the floor. Mr. Hopkins shouted at a police officer, “F- you, taze me.” A hospital security guard asked that charges be brought against Mr. Hopkins, who was detained and taken to police headquarters for processing.

• A Mattituck man on April 15 was issued a summons for doing work at the top edge of a bluff within the coastal erosion zone without a permit from the Southold Town Trustees.

• A Cutchogue man told police Friday that he was struck in the head with a wooden object by an unknown male who knocked on his door. The man said he answered the door and the man pushed his way inside. The man told police the intruder “took a chair from the living room and hit him over the head with same. After the chair broke the subjecte continued to hit him with pieces of the broken chair.” The intruder left the scene in a “cream colored sedan.” The investigation is continuing.

• A Greenport woman contacted police Sunday  to say $1,500 had been taken from her checking account. She told police two checks of $750 each were withdrawn from her account. She was told to report the incident to her bank.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.