Southold Blotter: Graffiti reported at Greenport skate park

Southold Town police investigated a report of graffiti at the Greenport skate park on Moores Lane last Wednesday. A police report says the graffiti is new and is under continuing investigation.

• Police received a report last Thursday that a woman in Aquebogue told police that she received a phone call from “an individual impersonating her grandson and he was requesting large sums of money.” The woman went to a bank branch in Mattituck where the teller told her to report the matter to Southold police. No money was withdrawn.  The matter has been turned over to Riverhead town police.

• Police were called to a Peconic Lane address in Peconic last Thursday to investigate a landlord-tenant dispute. The tenant told police the cesspool at the residence needs servicing and the landlord said the tenant had to pay for it. The tenant wanted to press harassment charges against the landlord but was advised it was a civil matter.

• On Friday, police responded to Vineyard View Apartments in Greenport West to investigate a dispute over the sale of a car. A resident of the complex told police he sold a car to a Central Islip man and that the man owed him $400 and wouldn’t pay it “because the vehicle wasn’t what he expected.” Police told the parties this is a civil matter and to leave each other alone.

• Southold Fire Department reported to a Long Creek Drive residence Saturday to investigate a call about smoke in a house. An investigation showed that a  resident of the house had placed a box on the stove which accidentally turned it on, causing the box to smolder. The home was considered safe.

• Police were called to a Southold residence Saturday after the homeowner said “two of his revolvers and his Suffolk County pistol license were missing.” The homeowner identified a housekeeper as a suspect. An investigation is continuing.

• A former Greenport school district official told police Saturday that someone painted graffiti on his Greenport residence. An investigation is continuing.

• A Southold woman told police Saturday that her brother has taken property from her mother’s house without the woman’s permission. The woman told police she has power of attorney for her mother, who has dementia, and that she is itemizing what was taken and she asked police to considering pursuing larceny charges against her brother.

• Police on Sunday investigated a report of a “large influx of fishermen” at two public beaches in Southold. Police issued two parking citations for cars parked at the locations.

• A Laurel woman told police Sunday that unknown persons appeared to be staying in a sump on Condor Court. Chairs, bricks and various other items were found within the sump. Police advised that ‘no trespassing’ signs be put up and the gate to the sump locked.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.

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